Creation of corporations and Corporate Taxes

Starting your own business is the dream of every entrepreneur, and although it may seem like a path with many difficulties, setting up a company is simpler than it seems. It provides many promising sales, since the United States is one of the main destinations for all investors with a consolidated GDP (Gross Domestic Product) compared to other countries.

There are many reasons that make the idea of ​​setting up a company in the United States attractive. One of them is the opportunities offered by the country, as long as realistic planning is followed through, and professional advice is enough to make a qualitative leap.

We mention some reasons that will give you a lot of benefits when setting up your company:

  • Ease of setting up a company from scratch.
  • You have a large national audience.
  • The United States is one of the countries with the most business development.
  • Your business will have international projection and image.
  • Great opportunities to make your business successful.
  • Greater possibility of opening branches in other countries.
  • Strict legalization in patent issues.
  • Financial access.

If you have had the dream of starting your business, or you have started this process and you have not completed it due to lack of knowledge, or you have not had the indicated accessory, or the fear of the results that can be obtained by starting it have prevented you, Let us help you.


Corporate Taxes

If you are planning to start your business or if you already have an incorporated company and you do not have the necessary knowledge or information about the tax taxes to be submitted, or you do not have knowledge about the periods in which the corresponding payments must be made, we can help you.

We have a team of professionals who will take the time to provide you with the necessary accessories. The reliability, security related to the business finances of our clients is our highest priority, so we guarantee maximum privacy in the preparation of the processes.

Our experts can provide you with free advice on how to set up your company and on the following procedures:

  • Registration with the IRS.
  • Registration in de state.
  • Corporate books.
  • Certificates, articles, and business stamps.
  • Corporate taxes.
  • Aplication for exemtion from taxes (for no-profit organizations).

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