Development of Business System


Centralized, online, high security, multiplatform, multi-user.

Sysprime is a software based on cutting edge technology with the purpose of automating the administrative processes of your company, which allows you to optimize your commercial resources and support the achievement of your objectives.

Sysprime supports the sales process, purchases, inventories, customer and supplier registration, accounts receivable, accounts payable, transfers, returns, guarantees, control of fixed assets, personnel control, among other processes required by the client.

It can be accessed securely online or locally, through friendly and trending interfaces.



Why choose Sysprime?

Encryption Algorithms Used in the Transport of Confidential Data.

For the transport of confidential data encryption algorithms are used, which is applied one over the other ensuring that it is not readable, so the information travels safely through the network, but nevertheless all the traffic is passed through a digital certificate filter and everything is being encrypted, this comes to further maximize the security in the transfer of information.


Aspects of Security in the Accesses of Users.

The user module is a fundamental part of the core of Sysprime used in all the systems that its Engineer Luis Jovel provides to its clients, developed by its founder and two more engineers during a year and a half of trial and error, it is a novelty for the robustness that this shows, the security it provides in access, the protection of information when the user is not present and the ease of use.

The core of Sysprime makes only asynchronous requests to the server using the best technology to guarantee a better speed and security in the transport of the information, the session data are constantly verified in this way so it is determined if the user is active or at rest and depending on the state the kernel itself makes the decision to protect the active session at that moment.

It all starts with the simple registration of the profiles that are given access, you should think about the possible profiles that will be had, this has no limit, but you should be very aware that you will be given access.

Following the profile registries, access or privileges are given to these, if only the profile is registered and assigned to a user he will be able to enter the system because he is registered but he will not be able to see anything other than close session and information of the software, you need to give the authorization that he will have access to and manipulation of the information.

In the access options form the same as the main menu will be shown, the only thing that will be done is to select the profile and display the options, sub-options and sub-sub-options of accesses and check which ones you want to authorize, they are saved and it will be what the users that have this profile will see as accesses.

Having defined the profiles with their proper authorization, we proceed to the user registration where the user name and password is given by the same system, the default access password is from 1 to 6, giving the space that after a registration the same user access and change your password to the one you want.

The registration and user modification forms also have a field called status, this is used to indicate if the user is active or inactive, if at any time the user is temporarily removed and we do not want to delete your information we only put it as inactive and he will not have access to anything of the system, to put it active if he can return with his previously given authorization.

To prevent third parties from seeing what we are doing in the system due to some oversight, the system has the ability to winterize the same as an operating system, 5 minutes of inactivity are counted by the user and all open portals present a session restoration form without lose what the user was doing in the system.

When the user who had the session active does the restoration in any of the portals the others are activated and return where the user had stayed, if the user does not return and another user arrives, even if he is registered and has accesses he will never be able to restore the session, this implies that if the user logs in from the same browser, he / she can not see what the user was doing, they are only restored until the user who invokes them logs in or restores the session.

Validation is also taken into account if a user copies and pastes the URL of a portal that he is not authorized, even if he has access and he has an active session to copy the URL of a portal that he is not authorized, the system will send him to an error.

Similarly, when closing the session all open portals are closed, this implies that a user can have “x” open portals does not have to be closed one by one, only closes session from the main page and all are closed automatically, if by some error some remain open this is blocked.


Strength and Benefits of the Platform.

Sysprime is not in itself a computer system oriented to the web, but rather a set of technology very well compacted and prepared to be able to adopt everything that can come in the future, such as integrations with Microsoft, Oracle, any platform Linux system and distribution, integrations with Java, you should only ensure to provide the necessary resources in a server oriented to the production of data in a massive way.

The platform is developed to be run on any operating system, including Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Google, among others. It is also run on any browser, tested and used already in the following: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Opera, Safari, Netscape. In this way the possibility of usability of the platform are more than many.

Sysprime presents cutting-edge technology apart from being cross-platform it is also multi-device, it can be perfectly run on a desktop PC, personal PC, a Tablet, Smartphone, and any other device that has a browser available.

Sysprime a platform that presents flexibility, without limits of user, profiles and without limits in technology and devices, available to continue building on what today offers.


Software Development Structure.

ModEmpresas: Forms related to the treatment of information of the company that uses the software. This module provides forms to configure the information of the company that has acquired the system, as well as forms that capture basic aspects such as type of tax documents, type of personal documents, type of phones, information in reading mode of the company’s branches .

ModZonasGeograficas: Forms that give maintenance to the structuring of the company, such as countries, zones and department or city.

ModInformes: Forms that generate the reports and listings. This module is comprised of all the lists and reports that are generated of all the modules.

ModUsuarios: Forms that give maintenance to all the information and processes referring to users and accesses to the system. In this module you enter the users that will use the system generating a user and password, another form to modify access information, a form for the entry of profiles, which are the ones assigned to the users (for example, the cashier profile, it is already known that it will be in charge of the cash register), and a final form where user access will be specified by profile, in this way the information is safeguarded in the system.

ModProductos: Forms that capture the information of the finished products that are delivered to the client. This module has all the specifications of the products such as income by lines, sublines, presentation, country of elaboration, description, price of cost, price with tax, utility, discount allowed, type of product, chemical components, product image, among others.

ModVentas: Forms that capture the information of the daily sales and make the generation of them for the formation of the reports. This module contains a form where all sales per customer are recorded, systematized customer registration where all information is captured, as well as a form where sales are maintained, invoice series maintenance form and the respective cuts of daily sale, sale report and sale utility.

ModOrdenTrabajo: Forms that maintain the work orders that come out daily. In this module all the work orders of the clients are saved through a form where the client that is generating the work order is specified, a delivery date is assigned, a state to order which can be many, an economic advance in case the client gives it, specification in case the client pays for his order to be taken as urgent and occurs before the others, the description of what the client wants, this form is the one that will be used by the receptionist who attends the client and capture your order. Another form that must be in the production room which will be updated in real time showing all the orders that are being captured in the sale room and where the status of the order can be changed to give the appropriate follow-up, by changing the status to When the order is finished, it disappears from that form. Another form that must be in the cash register where it will be updated and showing in real time the orders that are going to be finished in production, in this way the teller will be able to communicate with the client so that he can come to bring his product and thus enter the sale. Another form which will show a history by client of all the work orders that he has generated ordered by date where it will be possible to indicate if the client wants that order to be generated again, if so, at the click of a button the order will be open as a new order with the same specifications leaving the one that was always as history. This form will also give the option to print the history in case there is a need for the client to do so.

ModOrdenTrabajoEnLinea: Forms that provide the client with an online access and see the orders that have been produced for him as a history that he can print, also record it in case he has not yet registered and options to create work orders, if the The work order you want and have already requested it will have the option of being able to activate it again to be developed once more, as well as making the online payment of the generated amount.

ModCompras: Forms that capture the information of the daily purchases and make the generation of them for the formation of the reports. This module contains a form where all the purchases by supplier are registered, systematized record of suppliers where all the information of the same is captured, as well as a form where maintenance is given to the purchases, maintenance form of series of invoices and the respective ones daily purchases cuts, purchase report and purchase costs.

Inventory Modules: Forms that capture and process merchandise inventory, provide the facility to create merchandise inventories, maintain inventory histories created and update inventory.

ModCuentaPorCobrar: Forms that capture and process the information of the collections of the invoices that the clients have to the credit, taking the record of payment and balances.

ModCuentaPorPagar: Forms that capture and process the information of the payments of the invoices that the suppliers have given to the credit, taking the record of payment and balances.

ModOrganic Business Chart: Forms that capture the information of the business organization chart, with respect to the Areas, departments, positions and existing ones.

ModEmployees: Forms that capture employee information, general and specific information.

ModPlanilla: Forms that capture and process the information of the employees’ work tickets, the system provides a method of marking, at the end the forms are processed and generated according to the payment method that can be weekly, biweekly and monthly.


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