Importance of Digital Marketing

Social networks have become the most influential and important virtual space in the world. Platforms are not only used for social relationships but also as a great.

The power of social networks is highly recommended since you reach a large number of people around the world within seconds of publishing an ad, helping you reduce your costs, and getting your messages to reach your potential audience.

Businesses should not miss out on advertising on these digital platforms, which have a huge number of online users, almost 59% of the world’s population. In them they will be able to reach a greater number of potential consumers compared to television and advertising.


Advantages of promoting your product or services on social networks

More and more companies and entrepreneurs are creating a marketing strategy that includes ads on social networks. However, some businessmen still resist. This is mainly due to ignorance of the advantages of this type of advertising. Some of the most relevant are specified in the following list:


Best price

The cost of Social Ads is really low compared to other advertising methods


Greater range

Advertising on social media allows you to have a great reach. That means that you will reach a large number of potential customers by improving your conversion rate.


Greater segmentation

Ads on social networks allow, with respect to other media, a great segmentation. This means that if you sell a very specific product or service, you will be able to reach only those users with certain characteristics of gender, age, socioeconomic conditions, located in a specific site, or who speak a particular language.


Brand visibility

Virtually everyone is on social media. If a company uses the ads to advertise in these media, it greatly increases its brand awareness in the market.


User experience and loyalty

Advertising on social networks is generally associated with a brand that has its own profile in said medium. This allows communication with the potential client to be greater, and a specific service channel can be created that improves the image that people have of the company, and increases sales by retaining those who are already clients.


Popular social media advertising platforms

Although any advertisement published on social networks is known as Social Ads, depending on the social media you choose, the way you advertise will be different. Here are the most common platforms:


Facebook (See advertising)

Advertising on Facebook allows you to reach the largest community of users on the Internet. There are currently 2.701 million active profiles. Although the basic requirements are a title and an advertisement, the possibilities are endless.



On LinkedIn there is the possibility of advertising ads (whether text or multimedia), or broadcasting promoted news. It is necessary to define a title, as well as identify the target you want to reach with your advertising.


Twitter (See advertising)

Advertising on Twitter is executed with the intention of increasing the reach of a company’s tweets, as well as improving the interaction with the messages it publishes. Companies that advertise on Twitter pay under a system called cost per interaction.


Instagram (See advertising)

In this social network the ads are really simple. Each of them is accompanied by a sign with the Advertising notice to indicate to users that it is sponsored content. At the same time, the More information tab is also include