Payroll and Business Accounting

Accounting in a company is something fundamental and of great importance, it is where the financial situation of any entrepreneur or company is organized and portrayed. To do this, it is necessary to pay close attention to collections, balances, loans and acquired debts. Any action carried out by the company must be kept in an accounting record in order to be able to know the financial history of the company at all times, and consider it in decision-making.

Accounting and payroll administration is a fundamental part of the comprehensive administration within your company. It consists of a branch of the administration that allows you to know the budgets allocated to human talent. In addition to managing fiscal and legal compliance with the Federal and State. It is a great support tool for any type of company. Since it considerably reduces administrative burdens.


 Importance of good accounting management in your company

Accounting not only allows us to know the past and present of a company, but also to foresee the future, which is the most interesting thing for decision-making.

The accounting process should not worry you if you do not have an accounting department. At IT solution Jovel Corp we have a staff of highly trained professionals in the field, we also have computer systems that allow us to automate your accounting periods. In this way you can obtain information when you need it, such as:

  • Profit and loss statements.
  • Balances.
  • Diary book.
  • Ladger.
  • Transactions by accounts and prediods.
  • Reports that are required or for required periods.


Paying your employees on time

You will not have to deal with the control of the payroll of your company’s employees, the payment of taxes, insurance payments, compliance, working hours, overtime, compensation for time off, and controls like this require many hours of effort and dedication to efficient control.

Remember that the payment of incorrect fees, or not submitting the required forms or not complying with these mandatory ones can cause severe fines by the IRS and the State, which is unnecessary for your company.

It is possible that you have problems in the elaboration of this task, We have the solution. If you still do not have the human resources for this, let the specialists do it for you. DO NOT HESITATE to call us, we have the ideal staff for these tasks, who can advise you and help you with the following services:

  • Payment to sub-contractor with direct deposit or by check.
  • Payment to employee with direct deposit or by check.
  • Weekly employe pay.
  • Payment of taxes to the State weekly.
  • Weekly tax payment to the IRS.
  • Quarterly filing of payroll declaration.
  • Annual payroll filing
  • PAYSTUBS report.
  • Variety of nominal reports, according to teh need.

We are a company with reference in accounting and payroll control. DO NOT HESITATE to contact us… CALL US NOW…!!!